About the Company

My name is Bennett Cooper and I founded the Company in 2020 as my creative outlet. I do some woodworking and forging for this business, but I am also a Sergeant in the Michigan Air National Guard, a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University, and a paralegal at the VA Disability Law Center. I donate a lot of my work to the Armed Forces Foundation's Artwork by Veterans program. Check out the ArtworkByVeterans.org website to learn more about the program.

Company Statement

This craft fosters connections—to people, history, the materials, the region. The Company collects and restores vintage and historic tools of the Great Lakes region (mostly axes and hammers), and hand-carves new handles for them using hardwoods from downed trees and invasive species. This niche art form focusses on reconnecting with the past, strengthening our relationship with nature, and building a more sustainable future. This work with traditional tools encompasses and reinvigorates the cultural and natural resources of the Great Lakes region.

Every tool that exits the Company's workshop has a vintage head and a hand carved handle: rusty old tools are given new life, and local downed trees are used for custom handles. Everything here has rich history and a story to tell. If you need a beautiful and unique gift or a practical and strong tool to use, this is the place for you.